Tree Themed Menu

Jan 2017 to Present

UI Design Project | Solo Academic Project


About: An interactive main menu and pause menu for a theoretical tree-themed game created in Unity Engine. Uses animations and camera movement to create a feeling of moving through a tree and interacting with its leaves and flowers. The pause menu features similar reactive animations for the menu elements. Available for PC and mobile.


UX & Feel:

Using Unity’s Canvas and Animation system, I crafted a menu for a theoretical, nonexistent tree-themed game. The menu moves seamlessly from submenu to submenu by translating the camera among a smooth curve.

Leaf and flower-themed buttons were made using Microsoft PowerPoint. 

The leaves are clicked to move between submenus, small flowers in bloom toggle options on and off and larger flowers transition to other scenes or game states.

All of this results in the feeling of playing with leaves and climbing from branch to branch.  


Lessons Learned:

o   Microsoft Office is a great tool for quickly creating vector images and UI wireframes.

o   Menus for different game states should share the same motif.

o   Subtle camera movement can greatly contribute to the feel of even the UI.

o   Be careful when using multiple third-party assets in a single project to avoid conflicts.