Pinball Revenge

June 2016 to June 2017
Academic Project | Solo Project


About: Constructed in Unity Engine, Pinball Revenge was made to express the sensation engagement type by providing intense sensory feedback. One plays as a pinball that must crash into multiple bumpers at high speed to open up the flippers at the end of the level to exit.



I designed game with simple mechanics to focus on delivering engaging visual and audio effects.

Each level has unique hooks that take pacing, intensity and engagement curves into account to deliver an experience of speed and power. These help expand on the simplistic gameplay and add a sense of satisfaction by overcoming challenges and progressing. 

The addition of a combo system helps drive players to play efficiently for higher scores. Placing bonus coins in different areas of the levels have helped add a sense of Discovery and acquirement.


Lessons Learned:

o   It’s important to help players keep control of their character throughout gameplay as much as possible. When players expect to move around freely most of the time, it's not satisfying to see themselves unwillingly be jerked around too much.

o   Adding combo counts to objects can increase player excitement and encourage better performance.

o   Variation in different areas of levels such as changes in height and object placement leads to more engaging moments for players.