Powerful Pinball Game Feel

Sept 2017 to Dec 2017

Kinesthetic Game Feel Project | Solo Project


About: I took the original Pinball Revenge game I created and focused building on the feel of controlling a powerful pinball. I carefully improved on the ball’s physics to have a reasonable acceleration that built up to a fast-feeling maximum speed. I programmed a camera to follow the player with a slight delay in different directions to make it feel as if it’s trying to catch up with the speeding ball.


UX & Game Feel: 

Added an animated, reactive HUD with sound effects to fit the theme of pinball. Drew wireframes, increased fidelity, then exported the assets to Unity’s Canvas system and animated them with its Animator.


Lessons Learned:

o   The whole of game feel is more than the sum of its parts.

o   Manipulating the camera and carefully tweaking the physics can add greatly to making a game feel good.

o   The bigger the feedback, the better the impact on the player. Objects that make a huge reaction such as bumpers flying off helps give the impression of the pinball’s power.

o   Arrangement of props in the level and even textures in the environment can add to the sense of speed.