Project Abyss

Sept 2018 to Mar 2019
Creative Director, System Designer | Light Mixing Puzzle Game   
Academic Team Project, Team Critical Trials, 11 members

About: Project Abyss is a First-Person puzzle game in which players mix different colored lights together. Depending on the combined color, the lights will affect objects in different ways. Magenta slows down objects. Cyan speeds up movement and Yellow reverses gravity. The prototype shown here was made in Unity.

UPDATE: Project Abyss is now in-development as solo independent project Lux Cymix. Stay tuned for updates to the page.


Creative Director – Oversaw and held the vision of the game. Co-wrote the design document for clarity among the team to set a clear roadmap. Worked with the programmers to elaborate what was needed in the custom engine. Discussed creative decisions with team.

System Designer – Designed and rapidly prototyped the build in Unity. Coded the light mixing mechanics in C#. Integrated mechanics from the other designer with the core mechanics. Co-designed and built levels to demonstrate the mechanics to teammates.


Lessons Learned:

o  Players’ own gameplay experiences can oftentimes be as memorable as story beats.

o Mechanical depth can be achieved by using the same mechanic in radically different contexts.

o For games reliant on color, it’s crucial to add features such as shapes and movement patterns to accommodate for colorblind players.

o Write down any thoughts and details you notice as you test.

Team Critical Trials:
Timothey Goodwin - Producer, Physics Programmer

Greg Morton - Creative Director, System Designer

Talenua Dharaphop - Designer, Level Designer, UI Designer

Allie Hammond - Gameplay Programmers

Brendon Bankson - Audio Programmer

Aaron Rabin and Bryan Johnson - AI Programmers

Tyler Robbins - Tech Lead, Engine Programmer

Charles Boudousquie - Editor Programmer

Harry Humphries - Graphics Programmer

Jay Sherson - Engine Tools Programmer

Patrick Cook - Programmer