GAT250 Gems

May 2015 to July 2015
Academic Project | Solo Project


About: My sophomore solo project, GAT250 Gems is a match-3 puzzle game in which players click on gems to create like-colored chains to score big points while predicting where some may move.



I designed the columns to easily help players predict where exactly they would move. Being able to predict this helps create larger chains. Rewarding more points within the moving columns helped add a greater sense of risk & reward.

The skulls were made to add greater risk and further make players predict where they could create large chains.

The mission system was added to create more short-term goals and award players with big points and more satisfying feedback between levels. These also gave players meaningful choices on where to prioritize working on the board.


Lessons Learned:

o   Start simple with only a few mechanics and components at a time.

o   A good tutorial is hard to make, but is invaluable to helping players enjoy them. Make text short and to the point.

o   Adding even simple particles and sound effects in feedback greatly increases player engagement.