Demolition Vehicles Prototype

Sept 2017 to Oct 2017
Independent Prototype | Solo Project


About: Student pitch prototype demonstrating demolition mechanics involving multiple controllable vehicles with unique mechanics and physics.



o   The Bulldozer rams into buildings with its plow at a high speed. The Puncher launches a ball directly in front of it which retracts back into the vehicle.

o   The Wrecking Ball allows you to control the crane with the ball horizontally and vertically, clockwise and counter-clockwise.

o   I designed each vehicle to have different strengths when it comes to destroying buildings. The Wrecking Ball has the highest reach; the Missile Launcher fires across long distances; the Puncher can hit buildings at lower points than others; and the Bulldozer is faster and can run up slopes.


Lessons Learned:

o   Using pre-built engines and assets is great for rapid prototyping, which makes pitching ideas easier.

o   Sometimes projects need to be scaled back from the prototype pitch to fit the scope of the project.

o   The degree of control for various playable objects/characters should be consistent.