January 2016 to April 2016
Designer, Level Designer | Single-Player Platformer
Academic Team Game, Team Ellipsis, 6 members


About: A 2D Platformer in which players navigate through hazardous worlds to gain abilities to traverse to new areas and restore colors to the world. This game was made to appeal to those seeking a solid challenge and strong audiovisual sensation.



Level Designer - Coordinated with Lead Designer to discuss how players moved through each level, obstacle placement and where abilities would be used. Decided where peaks and valleys in engagement and intensity lay throughout. Arranged level geometry in Zero Engine before porting the coordinates into the custom engine.

Designer - Designed concepts for the particle effects of the player's abilities in Zero Engine, adding to game feel sensation. Coordinated with teammates to bring them into the custom engine. Managed playtests and relayed feedback to dev team to integrate improvements.

Lessons Learned:

  • Prototyping in a pre-built engine is a great way to test out ideas before adding them to the current engine.
  • Particle effects can add a lot of visual flair, especially when the team is low on artists. 
  • Having the player go through a level in which they feel like they would do far better with a certain ability, then providing them with it soon after, makes for very gratifying moments when they can use it to go over the previously difficult parts.
  • Drawing out level plans on whiteboards and directing player flow helps visualize the design.

Team Ellipse:

Greg Hall - Producer

Matthew Mulligan - Lead Designer

Greg Morton - Designer, Level Designer

Dyllan Martino - Tech Lead, Programmer

Jules Husband - Programmer