Reverie UI Project

October 2015 – November 2015
Academic Project | Solo Project


About: Reverie is a fictional PC game in which I designed low-fidelity wireframes in Adobe Illustrator for each game state and sub-states. The game itself is an massively multiplayer action RPG in which one of the mechanics is creating and playing user-made dungeons to gain loot and stats. 


UI Design: 

For each game state, I added different button substates for dropdown menus.

Each state was built using the same resolution for consistency and states were planned out with user scenario flows to cover diverse personas. 

Buttons that transitioned the user to different states are shown with arrows pointing to the state where users transition to.



Lessons Learned:

o  Low-fidelity wireframes are ideal for judging layouts before adding art and functionality.

o  Creating diverse, non-stereotypical personas of potential users helps broaden your game or service's appeal and make the UI as accessible as possible.