Magic Soccer

Jan 2018 to April 2018
Lead Designer, UI Designer | Multiplayer Action Sports   
Academic Team Project, Team Warriors, 5 members


About: Magic Soccer is a two-player sports game with MOBA elements (similar to League of Legends or DOTA 2). Each character can use their own player-chosen spell to support teammates or hinder opponents. I was brought on to help improve the game’s design and user interface. We want to appeal to both sports fans with the traditional soccer game and fans of MOBAs with the use of spells. 

Video (Click below to view): 


Lead Designer – Helped overhaul the game’s magic system to make casting spells more intuitive, diverse and accessible. Drew diagrams laying out  spells to visually convey their functionality to programmers. Coordinated with teammates, tweaking gameplay balance and controls. This helps players to experience familiar soccer gameplay while enhancing the experience with MOBA elements.

UX Designer – Helped the Creative Director design and iterate on a new UI that provides better information to players and encourages them to cast spells based on playtest feedback. Also constructing and iterating on tutorials to teach players quickly.


Lessons Learned:

o   Getting players to juggle multiple complex tasks at one time – playing soccer while manually aiming magic spells – can lead to frustration.

o   Always record where the players are looking on the screen and design the mechanics and UI accordingly.

o   When designing UIs, it’s helpful to look at successful trends from other games.

o   Programmers are smart. Be patient when waiting for them to fully implement features.

o   Drawing on a board and comparing it with other teammates’ drawings is a great way of communicating and comparing one's ideas.

o   When creating and editing tutorials, cut, cut, cut text. Then cut again and replace with screenshots and graphics.

o   Particle effects can be an easy way to provide information and satisfying feedback.

o   Listen to team members and playtesters who are savvy in the type of game you're making.

o    A cooperative relationship with programmers will help make implementing features easier. They are the gatekeepers of implementing your ideas, so getting along with them is crucial.

Team Warriors:
Jun Gao - Producer, Graphics Programmer

Sidharth Gupta - Creative Director, Designer, Programmer, UI Designer

Greg Morton - Lead Designer, UX Designer

Donghwi Jin - Gameplay Programmer

Sean Higgins - Audio Programmer