Latest Grappling Hook Prototype!

I'm pleased to announce the latest version of my grappling hook game prototype. 

The game allows you to fire the hook and retract it back in the air. When attached to an object, you have the option of pulling the hook back towards you and vice versa. Any dynamic, physics-based object can be pulled back to you to be carried and thrown. Pulling yourself to said object will knock it forwards(gravity is disabled when doing this). What you see here is all coded myself with only a scant few third-party art assets. 

My plans for the next version:

  • Fixing the the hook when attached to a dynamic object so it actually stays hooked on the object. 
  • Prevent the hook from being drawn back when an object is between the player and the hook. 
  • Give player an extra upward boost when being pulled to a wall(see: Widowmaker's hook from Overwatch)
  • Create basic level

Future plans:

  • Adapting to VR.
  • Test out grappling as sole means of traversal.
  • Prototype level mechanics and goals