Sept 2018 - Present

2-Player Cooperative Stealth | Solo Academic Project


About: A two-player stealth action game created in Unity Engine. I developed the game from concept to paper prototype to final portfolio project. Players take on the role of two gnomes, Rojo and Aoi, to recover a crystal stolen by malicious robots.


Game Design:

I designed the gnomes Rojo and Aoi to have unique skillsets while focusing on stealth. Rojo acts as a diversion to enemies and direct offense while Aoi avoids conflict by firing shots to distract enemies and turn invisible.

Both players can stack on top of each other to move as one and utilize advanced versions of their special powers to tackle tougher foes and obstacles.

Enemy AI uses a custom-coded state system. When patrolling, they follow preset paths; if players act in ways that create sound or get in their cone of vision, they get suspicious and pursue; when players stay in enemies’ cone of vision for too long, they turn hostile and get them into their shooting cone to fire bullets.



Lessons Learned: