Fallen Angel

Sept 2015 to Dec 2015
Designer, Level Designer | Single-Player Platformer
Student Team Game, Studio 150, 4 members

About: A 2D flying platformer created in DigiPen’s proprietary Zero Engine. Players jump and fly through 20 levels to collect orbs, halos and feathers. The mechanics enable seamless transition from platforming to flight.



Designer – Helped design and tweak the mechanics to provide a smooth flying experience with a reasonable challenge to players, also creating rings to fly through to guide players through the level. Managed playtests for feedback and reiteration. To add to the sensation of flight, I created a trail of particles that changed color as you flew.

Level Designer – Designed a third of the levels, providing feedback to other teammates’ levels and polishing them to meet deadlines and be completable. Designed the unique levels as tricky mazes, determining their layout on a screen-by-screen basis to manage pacing and intensity curves.


Lessons Learned:

o   What we learned from a Nintendo designer is this-if a level is too big or drags on, take the second and fourth quarters of it and convert it into a new one.

o   It’s imperative that a backup copy of your project be kept outside of source control if said repository prevents it from functioning properly. We eventually had to take the project onto another computer and fix the repository issues.

o   Give players a lot of room for error, especially in the opening levels. Giving players a very lenient challenge at first before escalating difficulty will help compel them to improve.

o   The more complex the controls are, the more necessary to focus resources on tutorials.

o   Diegetic UI adds more immersion and can be created by scaling objects to convey values either increasing or decreasing.

o   It's important to tweak the flying and rotation speed to balance a good kinesthetic feel while giving players enough control to maneuver smoothly.


Team Studio 205:

Ellen Beeman - Producer

Jesse Lozano - Designer, UI Designer, Level Designer

Greg Morton - Designer, Level Designer

John Paragas - Designer, Level Designer