Dirty Money for Dirty Deeds:        A World of the West Module

Mar 2018 to Present

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Game Module Project                               Solo Project

Custom module project for the RPG system World of the West by Robert Alsman. Players play as humans or synthetics stuck in a western amusement park trying to uncover a secret behind an illicit coin. All images in the documents found are for academic demonstration puroses only. All of said images are property of their respective owners. 

Game & Narrative Design:

Wrote a module with a narrative, characters and setting that fits canonically within the established setting and history.

Designed encounters with enemies and NPCs that can be approached through stealth, combat, dialogue and more.

Wrote NPCs who provide narrative context and react to player behavior. Designed an NPC who joins as an ally in combat and helps unlock shortcuts. 

Designed multiple choices and consequences, allowing players to work with the enemies and avoid later combat encounters.  

Lessons Learned:

o  Gamists, Narrativists and Simulationists expect different experiences out of roleplaying games. It's especially important to design systems that appeal to the first two.

o  Worldbuilding must add context to items, settings and people that players can immediately interact with.

o  Mechanics should always be designed around the experience one wants players to have while still encouraging expressive play.

o  RPG designers only have so much control over what players can do. Much of the experience is left up to the GM. Designers must give GMs the tools to deliver the intended experience with enough flexibility for players.

o  Step-by-step examples for systems such as character creation and conflict resolution are crucial for new players and GMs.