Sept 2017 to Dec 2017

Producer, Creative Director, UX Designer & Designer | Multiplayer Physics-Based Game

Academic Team Project, Team Cheeky Breeky, 4 members


About: Coordinated with my team to take the demolition concept and rework it as a multiplayer golf-like game. Players take turns firing balls into blocks, competing for points. Players gain more points when destroying buildings of the same color. Power-ups provide an extra boost, jump or shrink opponents. Destroy the largest blocks to end the match and score bonus points. 



Creative Director - Worked with the team to uphold the vision of our project. Ensured that every change that was made stayed true to it. Worked to make sure the controls were easy to pick up and play for casual audiences looking for a quick party game.

Producer - Organized communication with a team of designers and programmers. Provided suitable tasks and worked to maintain a consistently positive team morale. Utilized communication tools like Slack, arranged meetings, playtests and scheduled roadmaps.

UX Designer - Redesigned the UI for the main menu and gameplay HUD. Created low- and medium-fidelity wireframes in PowerPoint. Gave wireframes to the team to create and code in Unity. This helped give clarity for the players to keep score and know whose turn it was.

Designer - Crafted the space for one of the main levels to demonstrate the features of our current build including powerups, level mechanics and the main goal. 


Lessons Learned:

o   If your idea takes longer than two weeks to implement and prove its worth, let go of it.

o   Working in multiple, simultaneous roles can make one less effective in all of them. It’s worth the effort to recruit a standalone producer.

o   When your team is less experienced in a particular pre-built engine, a large amount of time will be spent on teaching them its use.

o   Always place items and level mechanics in such a way as to give hints to players about proceeding.

o   Including a final, long-term bonus will help players establish an ultimate goal to work towards.

o   Giving each player individual goals of their own helps keep them engaged when not involved with other goals. 

Team Cheeky Breeky: 

Greg Morton - Producer, Creative Director, UX Designer, Designer

John Paragas - Lead Designer, Programmer, Level Designer

Patrick Wang - Tech Director, Physics Programmer, Co-Producer

Devin Hentz - Designer

Nick Bugliarelli - Programmer